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Benito's Hat

Benito Juárez was a Mexican politician and statesman of the late 19th century. He was the only full-blooded Zapotec native to serve as President in Mexico and was a truly modern leader and champion of the people. It is after this amazing man, and the legend of his penchant for bizarre hats, that Ben and Felipe named their restaurant.

Benito's Hat

After living in Texas for a year, Ben returned to London incredulous as to why the food of Mexico, so well represented across the US, had been so neglected in his home country. A series of chance meetings led him to a head chef who shared his passion for this wonderful, fresh food.

That chef was Felipe Fuentes Cruz who brings a unique quality and unrivalled cooking pedigree to the restaurant group. Together they have developed a simple and fresh menu that showcases the best of Mexico’s food and drink.

Benito's Hat

From the beginning, Benito’s Hat dedicated itself to serving simple, fresh food that was both authentic and modern. The simple menu is built around burritos and tacos but now includes antojitos (Mexican tapas), a 10-strong salsa bar, tres leches cake and a range of fresh margaritas. Felipe creates a seasonally changing menu delivering classic favourites and exciting innovations.

However, these items remain at the core of Benito’s and highlight the fact that the success of this restaurant group is based on a high quality and yet simple offer. As well as listing a core product, ‘Margaritas’ also qualifies ‘Burritos’ by showing that it is more than fast-food burrito joint. It is also a place with a lively evening atmosphere that understands that, from these pillars of modern Mexican cuisine, there is a lot more to be seen. 

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Benito's Hat

The restaurants capture Mexico's rich culinary culture and vibrant street food scene in funky and warm atmospheres. Grab a quick bite at lunch or relax over a margarita in the evening. We love spending time in our restaurants and know you will too. Come and experience el viaje with us. Whether it is a quick ‘grab-and-go’ for the business crowd, a break from a day’s shopping to recharge, or a fulfilling meal and a few margaritas to kick start an evening out, Benito’s Hat offers a welcoming, character-filled environment throughout the day.

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