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V is for Verdita

We love fresh, healthy and vibrant ingredients. That is what Mexican food and drink is all about . . . and maybe a little spice . . . and OK sometimes tequila too.

Well this summer at Benito’s Hat we have made a fantastic fresh super-juice and a knock-out margarita to make the most of all of the above.

A classic way to sip tequila in Mexico is to do so with a chaser of a beautiful green mixture of the freshest produce that the fields of Mexico has to offer. Typically this means coriander, mint, lime, pineapple and sometimes a little heat. We have made our very own version of this to be enjoyed i) as a fresh super-juice, and ii) as a verdita margarita!

For the margarita we have combined all those fresh ingredients, muddled in a tiny piece of habanero chilli, and a generous measure of 100% blue agave tequila, for a drink that packs a delicious punch.

For the agua fresca (fresh juice) we have used the same ingredients but, in place of the tequila, have added some 100% cloudy apple juice for a drink that will cool you down, warm you up, open your eyes wide, and give you a fantastic vitamin boost all in one go.

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