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Lobster Burrito and Fish Taco Time Specials

Since the humble beginnings of Benito’s Hat, Felipe and I have tried to do things a little differently (and of course better). I remain convinced that he is the best Mexican chef in the business. His balsamic pork shoulder, black beans with avocado leaves and tangy salsa verde are without compare. However, the fillings that we serve every day were never going to be enough and we have always been committed to a regular programme of changing specials.

The list of delicious, short-term fillings has included, lamb barbacoa, spicy wild mushroom, and pork belly with crackling and apple salsa to name a few. However, for the first time ever we have decided to launch two specials at once . . . and what’s more . . . we have decided to make one of them lobster burrito.

As far as we can tell, there has never been a lobster burrito sold in the UK and we were determined to make this ground-breaking lobster burrito something to really go down in history. Therefore, it contains not only the lobster and parsley fritters, but also sliced hass avocado, hand-shredded white and red cabbage, black beans, rice, hand-chopped pico de gallo, a lobster and crab reduction and, wait for it, two crispy bacon rashers. It is awesome!

The one disappointment is that, due to the preparation time and effort, we can only serve it the after 5pm (at any Benito’s Hat excluding King’s Cross). We hope that you will come and give it a go as this is not your average burrito.

Not satisfied with launching a lobster, crab, avocado and bacon burrito, we have also created some fantastic fish tacos (you are welcome to have this in burrito or salad format too!). We serve these delicious cod fritters, with hand-shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, chipotle mayonnaise, and a squeeze of lime. No time constraints on this on – it is available all day for your ordering pleasure!

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