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Felipe and Ben in Mexico

In February, Felipe, and I went with Telegraph journalist, Xanthe Clay on a tour of Mexico. It was an amazing journey where we had the privilege of learning from one of Mexico’s own about the incredible food and drink of these wonderful people.

We began our journey by travelling to Jalisco  to learn how to make tequila from the jimadors. Felipe’s work with coa de jima may not have left our instructor, Rafa, overly impressed but then he has been plying the trade using the traditional farming techniques for over fifty years.

We sampled the extreme ends of the Mexican food spectrum in Mexico City. El Pujol provided the creativity and extravagance with dishes such as baby corn with coffee mayonaise and pork.  It doesn’t get much more ‘down and dirty’ than car park dining at El Borrego Viudo taqueria where the tacos al pastor are out of this world (although the beef’s eye together with accompanying demonstration of how the eye looks before it is cooked was a little too gritty even for yours truly).  The award for best meal in Mexico City must however go to Fonda Margarita.

Beatrice and Xanthe at La Fonda Margarita, Mexico DF

Beatrice and Xanthe at La Fonda Margarita, Mexico DF

They serve an assortment of different caldos which are all fantastic. On our day the pork shoulder with serrano peppers and tomatillos and the beef in pasilla peppers were spectacular and the sort of service we received from Beatrice and her team is something that most restaurants can only dream of. It does not look like much from the outside, and you are a long way from a tablecloth, but you cannot go to Mexico City and not visit.

The Main Event

The food and experiences of Mexico on our viaje were amazing but the bit that we were all undoubtedly most excited about was the trip to Felipe’s home town of San Antonio Texcala. Greeted by the blazing sirens of a police escort as we entered the village, we know this was going to be special but it just kept on getting better as everybody turned out for Felipe’s homecoming.

My full account of the fiesta will follow shortly (I don’t want to steal Xanthe’s thunder) but if you would like to find out more about:

* where you can buy Fortunata’s salt;

* Fernando’s avocado leaves; or

* Our cookbook,

then please email

Fortunata Cruz Lima preparing Mole

Fortunata Cruz Lima preparing Mole

Ben at "Car Park" taqueria

Ben at “Car Park” taqueria

Felipe at Burreria

Felipe at Burreria


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